CoMo 170F

CoMo 170F

Special edition for nuclear operations at fire brigades. 


Fields of application

Fire Brigades, Civil Defence, Authorities, Industry


  • efficient, portable contamination monitor with thin-layer plastic scintillation detector completely working without gas-filled or
    gas flow proportional detectors
  • measurement of alpha, beta and gamma radiation with only one detector  (the measuring system automatically detects the existence of alpha radiation)
  • possibility of simultaneous or selective measurement of α- and
  • easy-to-use (convenient operation with 5 membrane-switch arrays)
  • all functions are secured by a password
  • integrated data storage, internal software adapted to fire brigades requirements 
  • additional alarm threshold at triple background count
  • a mechanically defective detector foil can be repaired by the user himself (no expensive detector repair required by the manufacturer
    as otherwise customary for xenon detectors) 
  • avoiding high costs for gas flushing 


Technical Data

Detector type thin-layer plastic-scintillation detector
with ZnS coating, with integrated
photo multiplier and detector electronics 
Detector size 170 cm² (mechanically protected by a honeycombed protective grid)
count rate
alpha: approx. 0.1 cps
beta/gamma: aprox. 15 – 25 cps
Background count
rate subtraction
with adjustable measuring time
Function keys keyboard with 5 membrane-switch arrays
Alarm acoustic alarm,
additional alarm threshold at
triple background count
Display of
measured values
(not nuclide referred in Bq or Bq/cm²) 
Measuring time

continuous measurement with automatic or
parameterisable attenuation

Display large graphic LC-display 128 × 64 pixels,
with lighting
Temperature range -10°C up to +40°C, 
special version up to -20°C (option)
Power supply 2 batteries AA type or optionally:
corresponding rechargeable accumulators (NiCd, NiMH) or 
stationary use in wall station
Dimensions/Weight (280 × 125 × 135) mm / length with handle
approx. 750 g (with batteries)
Housing ergonomically shaped plastic housing
Interfaces serial interface RS-232
recharge/mains supply