Pulse Probes

Probe 18526 D

B.12H Immersion Counter Tube


Technical Data 

Type Kind of radiation Detector Background
18526 D  α, β, γ GM tube
effective surface 6,1 cm²
25 length 110 mm,
Ø 40 mm, 150 g
B.12H Immersion
Counter Tube
β, γ GM tube
effective length 150 mm
54 length 290 mm,
Ø 50 mm, 277 g
2002 β, γ NaI(Tl)-scintillator
effective volume (70x70x13) mm
6000 (80x85x35) mm,
with handle 200 mm,
530 g
ABG170 α, β, γ plastic scintillator
active surface 170 cm²
900 - 1500 (390x125x75) mm
with handle, 790 g

* at 0.1 µSv/h


Please Note:
The immersion counter tube B.12H is supplied together with 3 measuring beakers and a mounting for accommodating a sample
beaker and the probe.