Handling Tips


Storage of GRAETZ radiation measuring instruments

Please observe the storage temperatures given in the respective operation manual. The place of storage must be dry. If the instrument is stored for a longer time, please remove the batteries to avoid damage by leaking batteries.

The instruments shall be operated at least once a year (for example for one hour).

Cleaning GRAETZ radiation measuring instruments

In case an instrument became wet during use in rain or snow, it has to be dried at room temperature. Dirty parts have to be cleaned with a moist cloth and dried afterwards.

Contaminated devices have to be cleaned with a soft brush by using lukewarm decontamination solvent (0,5 % decontamination solvent, alkaline detergent dissolved in water) or by using a customary mild detergent.

Please do not use organic solvents or aggressive cleaning agents.

After cleaning please check whether the instrument is free of contamination (current limit values acc. to your domestic radiation protection regulation). 

Disposal of old GRAETZ Measuring Instruments

Old electric/electronic devices often still contain valuable materials, but also harmful materials which have been necessary for their function.

PLEASE NOTE: Disused devices do not belong to residual waste!

GRAETZ Strahlungsmeßtechnik GmbH takes your old GRAETZ device back free of charge and cares for its skilled disposal. This offer applies to all instruments supplied since August 2005.

Service Intervals for all GRAETZ Measuring Instruments

Before delivery the measuring accuracy of each instrument is confirmed in an adjustment and calibration certificate. 

The radiological calibration is made with Cs-137 (662 keV). Currents and voltages are verified by regularly calibrated measuring instruments. According to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 all used measuring instruments are based on national and international standards.

For all functional tests and service works it is absolutely necessary to have a detailed knowledge of the instrument's operation manual and to abide by the following recommended testing and service intervals:

Anyway, should defects occur during control measurements which cannot be removed by the user himself, the instrument has to be sent to the manufacturer GRAETZ for repair.