NaI-Scintillation Probe 2002

NaI-Scintillation Probe 2002


Fields of application

Nuclear Medicine, Environmental and Scrap Monitoring, Security Controls (police, customs, border authorities, trade control)



  • high sensitivity
  • large detector surface
  • by means of a probe cable connectible to the GRAETZ dose rate meter  X5C plus  as well as GammaTwin S or to the contamination monitor CoMo 170
  • power supply from the basic unit


Technical Data

Type of radiation β, γ
Energy range β: 25 keV – 2 MeV
γ: > 100 keV
Detector (70 x 70 x 13) mm
NaI(TI)-scintillator with photo multiplier
Reference orientation vertical onto the square surface
Position of the detector middle of the detector cap
Reference point middle of the square surface
Background count rate (at 0.1 µSv/h) approx. 100 cps
Range of relative humidity 0 up to 90 %, no influence
Range of outside air pressure 600 up to 1300 hPa, influence negligible
Indication ranges

0 – 200 cps
200 – 2000 cps
2 – 20 kcps
(20 kcps correspond to approx. 13 µSv/h
referred to Cs-137)

Temperature range  -20°C up to +50°C (operation)
-30°C up to +60°C (storage) 
(NOTE: max. temperature change 10°C/h)
Overload capacity up to approx. 3 mSv/h
(referred to Cs-137)
After effect after exposure to radiation of 3 mSv/h
error after 20 minutes is approx. 5 %
Power supply +5 V from the basic unit
Housing aluminium, partly anodised
protection class IP65 (hose-proof)
Dimensions/Weight (80 x 85 x 35) mm with 200 mm handle
(Ø 33 mm), 530 g