Contamination Probe ABG170

Probe ABG 170


Fields of application:

Everywhere where the detection of α-, β- and γ-contamination is required.



  • thin-layer plastic scintillation detector with ZnS-coating, integrated photo multiplier and detector electronics
  • high sensitivity
  • detector surface 170 cm²
  • by using a probe cable connectible as pulse probe to the GRAETZ
    dose rate meter X5C plus or GammaTwin S
  • display: cps or pulse summation with integration time
  • power supply from the basic unit 
  • acoustic single-pulse indication at the basic unit


Technical Data

Type of radiation α, β and γ
Indication range 0 - 20 kcps
Background counts 15 - 25 cps
Active detector surface 170 cm²
Alarm threshold cps and pulse summation
Dimensions/Weight approx. (390x125x75) mm, handle included
approx. 790 g